Iraq war film on TV: show v reality

Audience Reaction in Illuminatiland to the film script is yet another sign of the end days

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Baghdad protests despite fake blood non-stop

ALL episodes "carnage among shiite pilgrims": FAKE blood.
ISIS only present in Syria, as part of US/Russia/Iran forces.

Baghdad fake blood: 100th episode: actors caught in the act by hidden camera
Oct 30, 2016 - The same crisis actors stage for the 100th time a fake terrorist attack in Baghdad, while genocide of sunnis by the US led coalition of 60 countries & Co is pushed to a city of millions (Mosul, after Tikrit, Ramadi, Fallujah), again falsely calling ISIS to the Iraqi freedom fighters.
But this time they're caught in the act by a hidden camera.

Reminder from Apr 30, 2016
Baghdad protests despite world record holders for fake blood
2016 - Puppets installed by the illuminazi in Iraq: forced to shoot and kill protesters who briefly entered Baghdad's Green Zone and occupied the Parliament.
An yet you can't blame the illuminati for not having pushed fake blood to the utter limits, in order to prevent such events.

Baghdad's leading role in fake terrorist attacks:
- in frequency, and number of "victims", from the grand total to a single episode : served on an almost daily basis in Baghdad [July 2016: "mall destroyed", new fake blood world record, at 293].

Iraq's fake blood - Goals: 
1. - to divert from why are the members of a muslim sect, the shia militias, alias the fanatic "anti-crusaders", serving as shock troops of said "crusaders".
2 - to justify iraqis daily death toll, from conscripts to mercenaries carrying out the genocide as ground troops for the "US led coalition".
Reminder: Tikrit, Ramadi, Fallujah in Iraq were not only reduced to rubble, same as east Aleepo in Syria, but also to ghost cities: everyone was either executed or fled.

April 29, 2016 — Hundreds of protesters climbed over the blast walls surrounding Baghdad's highly-fortified Green Zone for the first time on Saturday and stormed into parliament, carrying Iraqi flags and chanting against the government.
The breach marked a major escalation in the country's political crisis following months of anti-government protests, sit-ins and demonstrations

Oct 30, 2016 - The same crisis actors stage for the 100th time a fake terrorist attack in Baghdad

Mosul, Iraq: Milestone for "news" deception in end times: 
Feb 2016: the second largest city in Iraq is served for now almost two years as controlled by the "ISIS caliphate" while in reality it's controlled by the iraqi patriots of General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries (MCIR) led by Izzat-al Douri.
Same as what happened in Tikrit and Ramadi, announced as liberated by the Iraqi army after totally reduced to the rubble of a ghost city by US air force and iranian militias. 

ALL attacks against civilians in headlines: staged by the same nazis dropping barrel bombs, chlorine and napalm over civilians.
How fake terror attacks advance both the coming and the ongoing genocide

Monday, February 10, 2014


War between freedom fighters of Free Iraqi Army and the forces supposedly taking order from Maliki in fact taking orders from NATO, alias the illuminati.
Maliki forces additionally include the fake rebels of ISIL, created by the illuminati to discredit and fight the real rebels.

Situation is the same as in Syria, where the illuminati went as far as to have ISIL "rule" the city of Raqqa and surroundings to illustrate the hoax "rebels are terrorist jihadists".
How poorly staged the hoax is: Raqqa is "coincidentally" the only city that was never bombed by Assad's airforce.

Maliki alias Illuminati forces
Almost all NATO mercenaries left Iraq because Iran's military was to replace them in the task of protecting president Maliki, the puppet installed by the illuminati at the cost of trillions of dollars.
Maliki was installed using religion as the "divide and conquer" tactic.
The illuminati played the shia card, as usually packaged as "islamic republic", based on sharia law.
NATO's main actions:
- Fallujah, a sunni city, was the first city reduced to rubble after the Vietnam war. More than 300,000 civilians were murdered by NATO, mostly in Anbar province. 
- organization of shia death squads to terrorize the population. More than 80,000 civilians, almost all sunnis, were abducted and murdered.

Forces protecting Maliki's regime:
- 260,000 Iraqis, 99% shia. Salary of a soldier is 25 times what an elementary school teacher gets.
- 30,000 butchers from Iran's revolutionary guard.
- 3,000 fake rebels (ISIL)
- 2,000 NATO mercenaries (instructors & Co)

Two differences between Syria and Iraq, as of June 2014
1. Assad is additionally supported by Lebanon's Hezbollah military (more than 10,000 thugs), and there's no visible NATO presence.
2. scale and duration of air bombings of civilians by UN recognized government's airforce:
- Syria: entire cities (Homs is the main example) or neighboorhoos (for example Jobar in Damascus) already reduced to rubble.
- Iraq: Maliki's airforce only started indiscriminated bombings in February 2014. "Coincidentally" in Fallujah, a city controlled by the freedom fighters since January 2014. Samarra and Ramadi followed. 

LATEST developments
Ramadi, June 7: University students who joined the armed revolt are bombed by the airforce
As usually illuminati media reports it as "black is white": "ISIL takes students hostage".

05-06-2014 News Release by one of the illuminati controlled organizations playing humanitarian aid - note:
who is holding the city is ommited
- how the fact "government preventend medical aid to be delivered to Fallujah ever since the city is under siege, for now 5 months" ois formulated:
"Staff from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have delivered badly needed medical supplies to the main hospital in Fallujah.
Because of persistent heavy fighting between government forces and armed groupsthis is the first time ICRC personnel have managed to enter the city since January.
They found immense needs and a situation that is extremely dire. People in the city are living through a terrible ordeal

07 Jun 2014, Mosul - Grotesque reporting of illuminati media, continuing to talk about suicide bombers and ISIS no matter what:
Gun battles and suicide bombings in and around the northern Iraqi city of Mosul have killed dozens of security personnel and civilians, according to officials and witnesses.
In southern Mosul, five suicide bombers stormed an arms depot and some managed to detonate their vests before being
shot, killing eleven soldiers, the sources said.
In the village of Muwafaqiya near Mosul, two suicide car bombs exploded, killing six members of the Shabak minority that lives there and is often a target for Sunni armed groups.
Several armed groups are operating in Mosul but the strongest is the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

10 Jun 2014, Mosul liberated. Freedom fighters capture for the first time helicopters and tanks, including some T-72.

Fallujah (and now Mosul and Tikrit): liberated by freedom fighters lead by Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri not by fake rebels of ISIS, as illuminati media repeats.

Jul 20, 2014  - lluminazi media (russian state TV RT) implies three end time hoaxes in one line selling yet another hoax:
"Mosul: ISIS orders iraqi christians to convert, pay tax or die" HOAX - for dummies:

2014 Jul: Islamic State ISIS - the SIX basic facts for dummies
Why illuminati created ISIS:
- from staging fake wars and fighting real rebels
- to "terror attacks against civilians" in the US, EU & Co, alias fake blood setting the stage for the manhunt for muslims and non-whites.

2015 Nov: Syria: "US led coalition" first and now also Russia "war on ISIS" is MORE than just THEATER. As explained in one the the basic facts:
the FAKE war is used to carry on the same genocide by "BOTH" sides: the target of the air bombings is not ISIS but rather the same civilians executed by ISIS also in broad daylight.
From real blood  in Dresden 1945 to fake blood in Palmyra, Syria 2015:
Illuminati apparently bombing themselves - Germany 1945 to Syria 2015:

Sean Connery as Ayatollah Khomeini islamic state series launched in Iran 1979

Saturday, April 21, 2007

BBC Lies can no more hide without the support of Iranians, US Military would be now be calling the choppers from the rooftops, 32 years after Saigon

Now even reading through the BBC lies it becames clear that without the support of the Iranian forces the US Military would now already be calling the helicopters from the Baghdad Green Zone rooftops, 32 years after Saigon.

BBC: Despair stalks Baghdad as plan falters - 20 April 2007

Trying to get into the centre of Baghdad earlier this week offered one view of how far away the Americans and Iraqi authorities are from gaining control here.

We were at the airport. Just before we were due to leave, the entrance car park was hit by a car bomb.
US troops and private security forces who guard the perimeter locked the whole area down for the next four hours. No traffic was allowed in or out.
While we waited with scores of other vehicles, mortars were fired at the airport. Fortunately for us they landed on the other side of the runway, plumes of smoke shooting into the air.

You won't have heard about any of this because at the same time a series of other far more serious attacks was taking place.
One was at the Sadriya market in the city centre, where a massive car bomb killed more than 140 people.
It was placed at the entrance to a set of barriers put up around another part of the market where a previous single bomb, in February, claimed more than 130 lives.
The market blast "did not penetrate the emplaced barriers" a later US military press release helpfully pointed out, ignoring the fact that the bombers had yet again adapted their tactics with vicious perfection - setting off their device at the point where crowds congregated outside and at the very moment when they were busiest.

Bombers 'organised'

As we drove into the city, we counted six blast holes left by recent roadside bombs along just one 100-metre stretch or road.
A large patch of damaged, blackened Tarmac on a bridge spoke of another attempt to destroy a key crossing.
The Sunni extremists held to be responsible for these attacks seem to be making a mockery of the US and Iraqi security plan, which is now into its third month.
So far, their surge seems to be having more effect than the American one.
Last month alone there were more than 100 car bombings, and the number of attacks has continued at a similar rate so far this month. This indicates a high level of organisation.
This despite the fact that there are many extra US and Iraqi troops in the city now. There are more raids and patrols.
On our drive into the city, we encountered several Iraqi army checkpoints. But almost every vehicle - including ours - was being waved through.
Many new checkpoints have been set up across Baghdad.
But what is their purpose, many Iraqis ask, when they seem to stop so few people?
It is not always encouraging when they do - a couple of times we have been pulled over by Iraqi soldiers who ask us if we have any bullets to give them.

Optimism fading

Just a month ago there was a cautious - very cautious, but still real - sense of optimism among many Baghdadis that the plan was starting to work.
The daily count of bodies found around the city - mostly Sunni victims of targeted sectarian killings - had dropped off significantly.
The Shia militia of Moqtada Sadr, which was blamed for most of these murders, was largely obeying orders to put away its weapons and co-operate with the security plan.
But there is a deadly and familiar equation here.
With official security forces apparently unable to protect Shia communities, pressure is growing on the militias to do so again.
And there are signs their death squads have returned to work. The body count is creeping up again. Twenty were found yesterday.
Dealing with the car bomb is "our top priority", says US military spokesman Lt Col Chris Garver.
But as ever it is a game of cat and mouse, played with insurgents who are "very adaptive", and very well-funded.
A man arrested by US soldiers after placing a truck bomb which failed to go off told interrogators he had been paid $30,000 (£15,000) for the task.
Lt Col Garver says the US believes it is up against several "car bombing networks".
"If there was just one, we might be able to pull the string and unravel it," he says.
People still have to be patient, he warns, adding a note of optimism.
"We are still not fully staffed," he says - there are another two months to go until all the extra US troops are in Baghdad.


But there is frustration too among the Americans at the Iraqi government's lack of progress on reconciliation - ultimately the only solution to the conflict, most believe.
Key issues include the need to implement a new law on sharing oil revenues, an amnesty programme and limiting the scope of the de-Baathification process. All of these are crucial to winning over Sunnis.
The idea was that the security drive in Baghdad would create "space" for such efforts to get going. But although new laws have been drafted they are a long way from being approved.
US Defence Secretary Robert Gates stepped up the pressure over these issues on his visit to Baghdad. In the meantime, the young men and women sent out here to implement President Bush's plan are paying a heavy price.

An average of 80-90 Americans die each month. And US personnel have just had their tours extended by another three months.
But, as it has always been since the 2003 invasion, it is the Iraqis who suffer most.
No-one knows the exact figures, but at the end of another week of unspeakable, random carnage, hundreds more Iraqi families are grieving.
Exhaustion and despair hang over the country.
And there are no signs of change.

The basic BBC lies in the article:
- to cover-up the real number of US casualties: "An average of 80-90 Americans die each month".
- to divert from the fact that the resistors have no financial support from any muslim government: "insurgents who are "very adaptive", and very well-funded. A man arrested by US soldiers after placing a truck bomb which failed to go off told interrogators he had been paid $30,000 (£15,000) for the task."
- to attempt to justify the genocide of the population by the US & Iran trained shiite death squads: "With official security forces apparently unable to protect Shia communities, pressure is growing on the militias to do so again. ".

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Iraq lottery for US mercenaries

Iraq lottery for US mercenaries: one third safe along with iranian shiites; the rest more trapped by the day by the Iraqi resistence

Without the support of the Iranian army, the Baghdad desperados would already be calling the Helicopters from the rooftops of the Green Zone, 32 years after...

Baghdad - three KEY bridges around the Green Zone destroyed in the last three days -P

Photo from the last to date, April 14, 2007
** GRAPHIC CONTENT ** charred remains of people lie on remains of bridge pavement (third key bridge destroyed in 3 days)
Emergency services clean debris from a bridge as charred remains of people killed in a car bomb lie on the pavement In Baghdad, Iraq. A suicide car bomb exploded on a major bridge in downtown Baghdad on Saturday, killing at least 10 people, police said. At least 15 people were wounded in the attack, which occurred on the Jadriyah bridge over the Tigris river. The extent of damage to the bridge was not immediately clear. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed )

The destroyed Sarafiya bridge is seen after Thursday's bomb attack in Baghdad April 13, 2007. ... destroying parts of the steel structure and sending several cars plunging into the Tigris River below.

A bridge is destroyed bridge after a bomb attack in Baghdad April 12, 2007

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Iraq war film, three years on: audience reaction in US, EU is sign of last days

Iraq war" is being sold by the illuminati media in the US /EU as "US troops vs. suicide bombers linked to jordanian terrorist Zarqawi."
Each time the same images and lines: a few civilians (almost always in the range of 1 to 5) that were injured or murdered after an attack by a suicide bomber.

The US Military in despair finally resorts to stage the capture and torture to death of CIA creation Zarqawi, the head served in a frame, as a new treshhold in successfully using terror to eliminate terrorists.

Now consider
1- the gap between this script and reality,
2- the fact that it was possible to sell it for so long without any problems to the masses.

The conclusion is clear: this is only possible in a terminal society.
Like anything else, a sign that the US/EU are living the last days.

(1) - the script for terror and war
(2) - the reality of terror and war

----- Notes (1)- the script
The terror script is well known: a little bit of torture (Abu Ghraib), a little bit of murder (Haditha). Now for the war script, below an example:
By ASSOCIATED PRESS, Published June 9, 2006

March 2: Coordinated blasts from suicide bombers, mortars and planted explosives strike Shiite Muslim shrines in Karbala and Baghdad, killing at least 181. U.S. and Iraqi officials link the attacks to Zarqawi.

May 11: Kidnapped American businessman Nicholas Berg is beheaded. On a videotape of the execution, the voice of the knife-wielder is identified as that of Zarqawi.

May 17: Car bomb kills Iraqi Governing Council president Izzadine Saleem.

June 14: Car bomb attack on a convoy in Baghdad kills 13, including three General Electric employees.

June 22: Kidnappers behead South Korean hostage Kim Sun-il; Al-Jazeera television says the killing was carried out by Zarqawi's group.

June 29: Bulgarian truck drivers Georgi Lazov, 30, and Ivaylo Kepov, 32, are kidnapped. Zarqawi's followers are suspected of decapitating both men.

Aug. 2: Video from followers of Zarqawi shows the shooting death of hostage Murat Yuce of Turkey.

Sept. 13: Video purportedly from al-Qaida in Iraq shows Durmus Kumdereli, a Turkish truck driver, being beheaded.

Sept. 14: Car bomb rips through a market near a Baghdad police headquarters where Iraqis are waiting to apply for jobs, killing 47.

Sept. 16: British engineer Kenneth Bigley, and U.S. engineers Jack Hensley and Eugene "Jack" Armstrong kidnapped in Baghdad. Within three weeks, all three men have been confirmed beheaded.

Sept. 30: Bombings in Baghdad kill 35 children and seven adults as U.S. troops hand out candy at the inauguration of a sewage treatment plant. Zarqawi's group claims responsibility for attacks that day, but it is unclear if these include the explosions that killed the children.

Oct. 30: Body of hostage Shosei Koda, 24, of Japan, is found decapitated in Baghdad, his body wrapped in an American flag.

Dec. 19: Car bombs tear through funeral procession in Najaf and main bus station in nearby Karbala, killing at least 60 in the Shiite holy cities.


Feb. 28: Suicide car bomber strikes crowd of police and Iraqi National Guard recruits in the southern city of Hillah, killing 125 people.

May 7: Two explosives-laden cars plow into a U.S. security company convoy in Baghdad, killing at least 22 people, including two Americans.

----- Notes (2) the reality - the terror and the war
As for terror, it's enough to mention
- Fallujah, a city of 500,000 wiped out of the map after the US Military using all sorts of weapons forbbiden by the Geneva convention, like it happened in the bombing of Serbia.
- the shiite death squads - officially 6,001 bodies in the last .... (fill space)

As for the war, this simple report is enough to illustrate the situation of the foreign civilians and mercenaries (aka US Military) in the part of Iraq not under control of the iranian mullahs, aka sunni triangle ...

----- Lack of capacity to understand these parallel worlds
Currently Google will find only one reference to this article.
In the last place you would expect it,, the internet bunker for the last supporters of nuclear Hitler.

What better illustration of the total lack of capacity to understand these parallel worlds (the script vs. the reality) as the comment of the poster below?


The person speaking in that video is not Joanne Bradshaw's husband. It is Preston Wheeler who was filming and was hit in the arm in that ambush. The fact that the man who is speaking is a clean shaven Texan, and Joanne's husband is a bearded Canadian should give that away. Preston Wheeler is still recovering from his injuries Sept 20, 2005. It is mind boggling how Preston has gotten no recognition for his actions.

------ Mind Control: Level Increase Acceptance in Terminal Societies: no limits
From above:
The US Military in despair finally resorts to stage the capture and torture to death of CIA creation Zarqawi, the head served in a frame, as a new treshhold in successfully using terror to eliminate terrorists.

More details on how this new threshhold was reached
- army generals presenting a framed head of Zarqawi, illuminati media immediately informing that now prisioners are officially tortured before being murdered ("he was alive when he was captured"):
To make sure that even the last idiot gets it and add the Skull & Bones touch, the illuminati media reports that the "body was transported to the US" and a for the first time a "collective suicide" of Guantanamo prisioners just occured.
All packaged with the illuminati sense of humor, that let people say:

'The spin provided by those at the top has no limits...the suicides were "acts of war" and "creative"...NOT acts of despair says top brass.
And get this...NO NO NO,NOT SUICIDE but "assymetrical warfare"...'


Rear Adm Harris said he did not believe the men had killed themselves out of despair.
"They are smart. They are creative, they are committed," he said.
"They have no regard for life, either ours or their own. I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us."

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Narrow escape from Iraq ambush caught on video

CTV has obtained dramatic video of a dangerous ambush in Iraq that shows a bullet from an insurgent flying through the windshield of a truck.

Joanne Bradshaw says she came forward with the nearly five-month-old footage of her husband Loren's convoy coming under attack to underscore the perils foreign workers face in their day-to-day jobs.

Loren Bradshaw's colleague Preston Wheeler, a civilian driver for an American company that transports goods in Iraq, had his camera rolling when he was driving in a U.S. military convoy in Iraq on Sept. 20, 2005.

When he and 11 other drivers were accidentally led down the wrong road, the convoy came under attack in the city of Samarra.

"They ended up in a dead-end and they had to turn the convoy around," Joanne Bradshaw told CTV News at her home in Wahnapitae near Sudbury, Ont. "They were in the kill zone and they were being shot at."

The bullet that went through the windshield hit Wheeler in the arm. But still he continued rolling the camera, and as bullets continued to whiz by, Wheeler is heard fervently praying for his life.

"Jesus Christ, help us all Lord. We've been hit. He fired a shot," yells Wheeler.

As the shooting intensifies, a supply truck ahead of Wheeler hits a roadside bomb and flips over.

To make matters worse, Wheeler's own truck stalled, leaving him trapped and blocking the trucks behind him.

"I can't move, please help me," Wheeler is heard pleading.

Although he feared death was imminent, he continued to record the attack.

"His truck was all shot at. He saw his friend being dragged out and being stoned first. And the guy is yelling, pleading for his life. Then they shot him in the back of the head," Joanne Bradshaw explained.

Loren Bradshaw told CTV Newsnet late Thursday that while three of five gunner humvees sped away from the ambush, two of them travelling behind Wheeler's stalled truck stayed and fought. If they hadn't, Bradshaw said he believes all the drivers may have been killed.

After about 45 agonizing minutes, the U.S. Army air support arrived on the scene, just in time to rescue Bradshaw and the surviving drivers. However, by that time, three of the 12 drivers had died.

Fighting had decreased by that time, and after 2.5 hours, the U.S. Quick Response Force arrived. Two hours after that, U.S. tanks arrived on the scene and the remaining contractors were rescued.

Though Bradshaw escaped physical injury, his wife said the traumatic ordeal left emotional scars.

"He's messed up right now. Everything has changed in him. Even his sense of humour is more ... cold," said Joanne Bradshaw.

The footage was originally confiscated by the U.S. army, but she said it "popped back up on the woodpile" and her husband sent it to her last week.

"The reason why it took so long for him to send it is because he was preparing me for it," she told

"I didn't know how bad the situation was, plus he had his issues, so he had to talk to a psychiatrist for a while."

Loren Bradshaw, an American who is in the process of immigrating to Canada, has been in Iraq for almost a year-and-a-half.

Though Bradshaw came home during Christmas for a short visit, he has since returned to Iraq.

a report from CTV Sudbury's Sacha Novack